CNA Salary

Certified Nursing Assistants are needed more than ever! Currently, healthcare centers and nursing agencies are looking for professional, skilled, and trained nurses. Hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare agencies are one of many job areas for a certified nursing assistant; many of these places will provide CNA training for free! The training is free because these agencies, hospitals, and companies want more knowledgeable, trained, and competent nursing assistants. Hospitals promote free certified nursing assistant classes to those who are eligible and fulfill the nursing qualifications as well. Free training sessions are incredibly helpful to those candidates that wish to learn more about patients care and responsibility. If an individual is already trained as Certified Nursing Assistant, there are plenty of job opportunities available all over the world. In the downed economy, a CNA will have fantastic job security, as it is one of the only sectors that is hiring during these difficult, economic times.

In the search for a CNA position, it is important to follow all of the standard job hunting practices of the job search. For example, be sure your resume is up to date and professional looking. Practice interview questions with a friend and try to obtain three references and a few letters of recommendation that you can take with you to your job interview. If you have yet to obtain a job in the Certified Nursing Assistant field yet, looking for positions at nursing homes. Typically, you can obtain a position at a nursing home before you become certified. If you wish to work in a hospital setting, turn in your resume to the hospital of your choice, even if they do not have any open positions. An additional tip is to search the Internet for positions in your area that may not advertise locally; subscribing to a RSS feed will help keep you updated to on the latest job offerings.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a very worthwhile and rewarding career; CNAs have the ability to move forward in their careers and can eventually become a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. Depending on the location, experience, and other information, a certified nursing assistants salary will vary. A typical salary of a CNA will begin at $10 an hour and over time, can reach to $15 an hour. Typically, if one were to apply to a job in a sprawling, urban area, the pay would be more than that of a position in a rural area. The place of employment is a big factor as well; hospitals usually pay the largest salaries to their CNA’s.

CNA Salary Low High
CNA Salary in Alabama $18,520.00 $22,980.00
CNA Salary in Arizona $21,640.00 $29,320.00
CNA Salary in California $21,540.00 $31,400.00
CNA Salary in Connecticut $24,760.00 $31,400.00
CNA Salary in Georgia $18,620.00 $24,990.00
CNA Salary in Indiana $19,560.00 $24,990.00
CNA Salary in Kansas $19,560.00 $24,990.00
CNA Salary in Maryland $22,680.00 $31,600.00
CNA Salary in Michigan $20,600.00 $24,980.00
CNA Salary in Nevada $24,760.00 $31,500.00
CNA Salary in New Jersey $24,660.00 $31,500.00
CNA Salary in New York $22,580.00 $31,500.00


The strength of the position determines salary as well; a certified nursing assistant working in the intensive care unit will be paid more than working in a more low key area of the hospital. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projection have shown that there will be a twenty-eight percent growth rate in the demand for nursing assistants and nurse’s aides. With this immense growth rate, it is evident that the Certified Nursing Assistant field will not provide reassurance with job security, but it proves that this is a worthwhile career choice.