The Best CNA Schools & Universities

In the US, there are more than 900 schools and universities which offer CNA programs! With so many programs it can be hard to know where to start your selection process. There are some steps you can take though to find the best CNA schools & universities. You’ll want to think about some of your specific requirements and then use those constraints to narrow down your list of possible CNA schools.

What are some factors to take into account when choosing a school where you can study nursing? Firstly, consider location. Do you want to stay in your hometown or study and work somewhere else? You may want to take into account where you want to work, not just where you want to go to school. Many nursing programs are available which can save you money if you are willing to pay them back in years of employment after your education is complete. If you already know what address you’ll be living at, also think about commuting. You will be spending a lot of time doing on the job training. How far away is the school where you would take classes from the hospital where you’d be training? How far away are both from the place you’ll be living?

What field of nursing do you want to specialize in? You may not know this yet, but if you’ve decided, you want to look for a school which specializes in the same field, not a general one which doesn’t offer what you specifically need. The environment where you want to work (hospital, clinic, ER, etc.) may also weigh in here. What specialty you want and your general life plan for the next few years can help you decide on whether to attend a university or a community college. Visiting these schools can also help you to finalize your decision. You’ll get a much better feel for the quality of the programs and what the whole experience will be like this way.

You’ll also need to think about money. There is a wide price range for nursing programs. You can save a lot of money by getting an associate degree instead of a bachelors degree, or by doing programs which let you trade training for work, or get paid to train. You also can save even more money by taking online classes. Just remember that if you choose to study online, you will need to make arrangements to fulfill the clinical part of your studies in the field somewhere. Look up the requirements for licensing in the state where you want to practice so that you can ensure your educational path will fill all the requirements.

Some of the top CNA universities and colleges offline include the University of California, John Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, and the University of Michigan. Online there are a host of universities like the University of Phoenix, DeVry University, Virginia College Online, and dozens more. Choosing the best CNA school is going to be a highly individual process. So make a detailed list of your needs and then start your search. Good luck finding the best CNA schools & universities!